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Advanced Aroma Recovery
A ground-breaking proprietary technology that enables us to collect, standardize and concentrate aromas from different side-streams and bring them to the highest quality. The technology also allows us to provide a wide range of solutions to wine, beer, and spirits companies who wish to create dealcoholized drinks while preserving the original aromas.
Fruit Aromas
Concentration and stabilization of fruit juice aromas
Our technology allows us to provide our clients a broad range of different fruit aroma extracts.
We can stabilize sensitive and unique fruit aroma profiles. Key aroma compounds that contribute to the distinctive profile of a specific fruit can be recovered.
High concentrated aroma extracts provide different avenues of application. They can be used as building blocks in complex flavors or can give rise to new product concepts.
Highly concentrated extracts of:
Red Current
And other
Signature Notes
Capture the unique character of your brand.Our technology makes it possible to characterize and isolate your brand unique aroma and notes.Contact us to learn how you can replicate your brand's hallmark and success into new segments.
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New standard of authentic aroma quality
100 % natural and pure product aroma
Clean-label opportunities
Recovery and concentration of valuable aroma compounds
Aroma compounds are recovered and concentrated using solid-phase-extraction
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Phase 2
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